“Dis Here” (1960) Sam Jones(b), Jimmy Cobb(d)


“One Way Street” (1966) Wayne Shorter(ts), Ron Carter(b), Jimmy Cobb(d)


“We Three Kings” (1964) Butch Warren(b), Walter Perkins(d)


“My Funny Valentine” (1960)


“Easy Does It” (1961)


“So Tired” (1961) Ron Carter(b), Tootie Heath(d)


“Pretty Memory” (1961)


“Soul Time”


“Dat Dere” (1960) Sam Jones(b), Jimmy Cobb(d)


“This Is All I Ask” (1964)


“Bags Groove”


“Damed If I Know”




“From The Bottom”


“Tom Thumb” (1966)


“Born To Be Blue” (1963) Ron Carter(b), Connie Kay(d)


“Come Rain Or Come Shine” (1960)


“The Party’s Over” (1960)